The comprehensive toolkit for developing plugins and widgets for Figma and FigJam

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What people say about Create Figma Plugin#

  • Create Figma Plugin is so great. It provides a suite of utilities and Preact components that fit with Figma’s UI, and it gives you a local dev setup with TypeScript and CSS Modules support. Thanks @yuanqinglim for your amazing work 🙏

  • This was also the first time I used @yuanqinglim’s Create Figma Plugin toolkit and wow – what a comprehensive and thought-out library. Allowed me to have the first prototype up and running in just an hour. A staple for building Figma plugins from now on 😌

  • If you build plugins for @figma do yourself a favor and start using Create Figma Plugin toolkit by @yuanqinglim!

  • I know I’m late to this party but I just published my first @figma plugin 🥳 (org-only so can’t share yet). @yuanqinglim’s Create Figma Plugin library made building the UI so easy and helped me focus on the logic instead. Highly recommended!

Plugins/widgets made with Create Figma Plugin#